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How are donations used?

Members of EWB-Utah State University (students, professors, and professionals) work on a volunteer basis to travel to developing areas of the world to assess and then implement changes that will assist these communities. Your donations are used to purchase materials that will be used to improve sanitary conditions, enhance educational programs, provide clean water and solar power, and assist with other tasks requested by the local people that are consistent with our abilities. Your donations may also help with travel costs to our partner communities.

The EWB-USU club depends entirely on volunteers and private donations—projects cannot survive without your help.


Donate online:

You can donate to our club online with a credit card at:

Donate by check:

To donate with a check, please send it to:

Engineers Without Borders
Utah State University
4110 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-4110



Our Sponsors

The Utah State University College of Engineering has provided a generous grant to the EWB-USU chapter to be used for project supplies and student travel.


EWB-USU also gratefully acknowledges the following donors:

Amy Campbell Nielson
Andi McCabe
Andrew T. Lewis
Ann and Dennis Austin
Arlene and Stephen Bell
Arthur and Mary Heers
Arthur Reiss
Barry and Marjorie Saunders
Bill and Sally Grenney
Blaine and Jann Leonard
Bradley Engineering Company
Brent Adams and Anne Englert
Brown and Caldwell
Bruce and Nancy Bradley
Cable and Melanie Murray
Campbell Scientific, Inc.
Christa Jones
Clinton and Nancy Kingsford
Collin and Katherine Robinson
Courtney and Alix Seeple
Cristina Nelson
Cynthia Zarubica
David Lewis

Debra Levine
Derald Miller
Gary Olsen
Gramoll Construction Company
Griswold Industries
Henrietta Levine
James Bailey
Janet Embry
Jaron and Sara Ballentine
John and Lajuana Sapp
John and Marsha Thatcher
June Rasmussen
Kate Quackenbush
Kimberly Orton
Larry Lee
Larry Smith and Carol Von Dohlen
Lauren and Peter Vitulli
Laurie McNeill
Lisa and Gregory Hunt
Lorraine and Herbert Gaidus
Matthew Mullin
Melvin Vance

Michael Grillo
Neil and Lorene Warrick
Paul Wheeler
Pedro and Lisa Puga
Phyllis and William Campbell
Randy and Nancy Martin
Raymond and Andrea Coward
Rita Costa-Hollmann
Robert and Sandra Rosborough
Robert Sluder
Roberta and Kenneth Walpert
Roger and Dona Hansen
Ronald and Jeannie Campbell
Ronald Crocco
Ronda and Martell Menlove
Scott Parker
Scott Shapiro
Scott Weaver
Steve Irving
Sue Levine
The Sorenson Legacy Foundation
US Bank (Preston branch)
William Bigelow